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What is DAVO?
The German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation (DAVO) is a scholarly, nonpolitical and nonprofit-making professional association open to all persons interested in the Middle East. The main aim of DAVO is to improve the exchange of information on Middle East studies between its members.
Middle East studies include disciplines relevant to the study of an area comprising all Arab states and territories, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, the Muslim states of the former USSR and Israel, as well as the impact of this region on the development of other parts of the world.

How can you benefit from joining DAVO?
- As member of DAVO you get access to an interdisciplinary network of more than 1300 members.  They are mainly scholars, postgraduates and doctoral students as well as many representatives of the media, diplomatic services, cultural institutions and other people interested in the Middle East in its widest sense. They are not only from German speaking countries, but also from other parts of Europe, North America, the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and Central Asia.

- You receive the DAVO-Info-Service almost on a weekly basis. This email list informs the members of DAVO about announcements of conferences, job vacancies, grants, new research projects and other news dealing with Middle East Studies. Due to the combination with the EURAMES Info Service more than 5000 scholars based in 92 different countries contribute to the information provided by the DAVO-Info-Service. Hundreds of young scholars,  senior academics and other members of DAVO owe decisive steps in their career to this service. Please contact the DAVO-Secretariat (davo@geo.uni-mainz.de) for free copies of the latest three issues of this service.

- You receive also the DAVO-Nachrichten, a printed bi-annual journal  of German and international Middle East studies, including a roster of members, announcements of future congresses, reports on past conferences, internet news, book reviews, presentations of institutions engaged in Middle East studies etc. Here DAVO members can also draw attention to their latest publications and research projects, publish the summary of their dissertation and announce the call for papers for collective books or joint panels (two issues per year, each 146 pages).

- As DAVO member you can get access to MideastWire, a daily email service of important articles from Arab and Iranian newspapers which are translated into English. See the latest issue at www.mideastwire.com. The annual fee for regular subscribers is 199 US-Dollars it is free of charge for members of DAVO.

- DAVO organizes every year a conferences on contemporary Middle East studies. The 18th International Congress of DAVO will be held in Berlin on 6-8 October 2011. DAVO members can participate in this Congress at a reduced fee.

The annual membership fee for DAVO including all services mentioned above is 30 Euros (10 Euros for students and other persons with low income).

If you are interested in joining DAVO, please complete the DAVO membership application and return it to the DAVO secretariat (davo@geo.uni-mainz.de)


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